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Pre-teen Dance intro

Grace and Groove Night Schedule

Arrive by 4:45 to see the studio!

5:00PM –Ballet class for new dancers ages 9-12 years old

6:00PM – Jazz class for new dancers ages 9-12 years old

GRACE and GROOVE Night at TDC!

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024, 5-7p


From whirling in the kitchen (whoops, sorry mom!), to skipping down grocery aisles, your child was meant to be in dance class. Are you dreaming of a way to channel that explosive, expressive energy into artistic excellence? Look no further…


Join us Wednesday, February 28th for an evening of dance preview classes for dancers ages 9-12. 


– Come an try a short preview of classes at The Dance Center

– Drinks and refreshments provided

– Take advantage of “one-day-only” enrollment specials for those who are ready to sign up for ongoing classes!

+ A FREE goodie bag to take home!


Space in class is limited and preregistration is HIGHLY recommended. To reserve your spot, fill out the FORM below or call 813-684-4282 today!

Save My Spot!

Setting a New Standard

“My daughter fell in love with the classical ballet style while watching the Nutcracker. After performing as an extra and seeing the detail and precision in which ballet is taught there, she made the decision to switch dance studios to pursue her love of that style of dance. She is so happy and excited she made that decision. She loves dancing at TDC! “

-Alisa, Mother

What Sets TDC Apart?

Emphasis on Personal Growth

Looking to build confidence? Dance classes can help students of any age learn how to love their bodies for what they can do, not what they look like. Give youself the tools to build your confidence today!

Focused on Performance

Through classes at TDC and performance opportunities through our non profit, Brandon Ballet, we teach students of all ages that their connection to an audience outlasts is what makes a great dancer of any age. Our adults get to perform in The Nutcracker and other productions!

Driven by Excellence

From the little ones in the Young Children’s Program, all the way to the adults, the pursuit of excellence is at the heart of everything we teach. In each class, every student is given the attention, correction, and encouragement needed to keep their passion for dance alive.